About Health Tech ATX

While the founders have experience with community organizing/activism, entertainment events, politics, public advocacy, and business networking, we've been particularly inspired by great organizations like HTN and The Regulars.

There are, and there should be, many different flavors of community in healthcare.

What makes Health Tech ATX different:

  • We are supporters first, and competitors second (or third) - everyone is at a different stage in their journey. All feedback should be supportive and constructive. We're all here to get better *together.*
  • In-person gatherings whenever possible
  • Participants at minimum should be committed to the Triple Aim in healthcare: reducing cost, improving quality, and making care more patient-focused
  • Minimal or no cost to participate
  • No gatekeeping - all are welcome
  • This is just a start. We expect the organization to grow and evolve

The organization is informal and accessible. We are evaluating the possibility of forming a B Corp to support its mission (you can’t get rid of Ed’s entrepreneurial itch). All funds would go towards facilitating connections between innovators in healthcare and materially impacting the well being of our local community. More on that to come - if you’re interested in joining us, reach out.

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John Brewster

John is a recovering healthcare marketer that helped launch behavioral health startups ViviHealth and Ksana Health as a marketing leader. He also worked as a Digital Strategist for Sherry Matthews Group, where he developed digital strategies and award-winning digital marketing campaigns for MD Anderson Cancer Center, Baylor Scott and White Health Clinics, the NYC Department of Health, and the Texas Department of Transportation, among many others. He co-founded Backyard Story Night, a storytelling event in Austin.

Ed Melendez

Ed leads partnerships with payers, providers, and PBMs to help their members live healthier lives.

  • GTM consulting - Digital Health
  • Former Vida Health, Livongo/Teladoc, Pear Therapeutics, Lumeris, Integrated Care Collaboration, Louisiana Public Health Institute
  • Co-Founder, The Urban Conservancy
  • MBA Entrepreneurship, Acton School of Business
  • Fellow, Loyola New Orleans Institute of Politics


Ed Melendez